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About Us

Weihai Chenhua Business Consulting Co., Ltd. is a professional registration of certification companies for obtaining declaration and record of import cosmetics, health food, medical equipment, drugs, etc. It can undertake testing of domestic and foreign food, cosmetics, daily chemical products, environmental and ecotoxicology and other projects testing, to provide customers with comprehensive product consulting, registration of declaration, policy interpretation, professional training and other services. At the same time, it is also the only office authorized by CAIQTEST in Weihai, and a member of the advisory panel of the Economic and Trade Department of Incheon to China (IFEZ). So far, it has provided consulting services to over 4000 overseas enterprises.

The company has an independent team of experts, translation teams, and related service personnel, which can provide professional technical guidance in product research and development, registration of declaration, risk estimation, crisis public relations, etc. And equipped with professional English, Korean, Japanese, French and other language translation, which can provide services for enterprises all over the world.

In order to create professional and systematic services, the company cooperates with many institutions, associations and professional teams from various countries. It can provide enterprises with foreign-funded company registration, intellectual property rights, legal consulting, tax law consulting, traceability labels, customs clearance logistics, brand promotion, bonded warehousing and other services, and truly achieving one-stop consulting services.

Professional legal team, real-time grasp of the latest legal trends.

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The pass rate of declared products is in the industry leading level.

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Provide comprehensive services such as legal consultation, etc.

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